The FLNG is permanently moored based on a single point mooring system to an External Turret. Therefore, the FLNG is free to weathervane or passively change heading according to the prevailing direction of the wind, wave and current. The mooring system at the turret structure consists of 12 mooring legs split into three (3) groups of four (4) legs (otherwise known as a 3 by 4 system) [10.3],[10.4]. Spiral strand sheathed steel wire is used for the mooring leg chains. The general arrangement of the external turret system is shown in Figure 5.2.1 [10.5]. The external turret consists of the following sections:  Turret Support System (TSS),  Upper Turret Structure (UTS),  Chain Table Structure (CTS),  Turret Head Structure (TH),  Swivel Access Structure (SAS),  Suction Pile.