SURF Facilities

The design concept [6.1] for the Abadi SURF facilities utilizes five production wells tied back to three flowline headers on a subsea manifold using well jumpers as shown in Figure 4.1.1. The flowlines travel south west towards the FLNG facility and are terminated at the individual Subsea Riser Isolation Valves (SRIV). From here at the Riser Bases, three dynamic flexible risers carry well fluids the remaining distance to the surface at the FLNG External Turret. Two main umbilicals link the FLNG and the SURF providing the means to control and monitor the subsea wells, as well as supplying of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) to the wells. One umbilical is designed to control three wells whilst the other umbilical is used to control the other two wells [3.15]. Key layout aspects of the SURF layout as shown in Figure 4.1.1 are as follows

  • Mid-line anchor configuration is used to manage flowline walking
  • Wellhead jumpers to manifold are vertical;
  • Flowline end spools to Pipeline End Terminations (PLET) are horizontal;
  • Flexible risers connections to PLETS/riser base(s) will be vertical;
  • Flexible risers will be installed by a Vertical Lay Spread (VLS) vessel; and
  • Topsides hydraulically controlled SRIV are provided for at each of the upstream ends of the flexible risers.